Posted by sutton on January 25, 2013

Our neighborhood trash collection is provided by:  VF Waste Services, Inc.  (713) 787-9790

Trash Guidelines .pdf

VF Waste Services, Inc., will provide door-to-door trash service of household garbage to your
association. Household garbage must be ready for pick up by 7:00 am on the day of collection.
Heavy trash must also be ready by 7:00 am on Fridays. All trash containers/cans must be accessible by VF employees and not blocked by obstacles, including parked cars. The trash
containers/cans must not weigh more than 45 pounds and exceed a 50 gallon carrying capacity.
Please limit no more than four trash cans per household.
We will only collect household yard waste generated by each home in the normal course of
maintenance. We will not collect commercial landscape debris left over from major renovations,
installations performed by contractors or homeowners. Branches must be put in bundles and
less than 4 feet in length., 18 inches in diameter, and not weighing more than 40 pounds. Small
tree trunks must be split in quarter sections in order to be picked up. No large of extremely
heavy trunks will be collected.
Heavy trash must be placed in each resident’s designated trash areas Residents can dispose of items such as furniture (but not extremely heavy or large), small sofas and couches, appliances, mattresses, thin wood doors, small televisions, lightweight bath tubs, a very small amount of bundled carpet etc. Please limit your heavy trash items to no more than 3 items per home on each scheduled heavy trash day. Excessive amounts of heavy trash will only be collected by making special arrangements at an extra cost or it will be picked up little by little on each heavy trash day and only 3 items maximum each time. Large items must be broken down when possible. Appliances containing refrigerants must have a tag attached to them certifying that a qualified technician has removed the refrigerant. We will not pick up construction material generated by renovations, installations performed by contractors or homeowners. These items include sheet rock, tile, cabinets, toilets, heavy bath tubs, dirt, metal doors, glass doors, large amounts ofcarpet etc. Other additional items that willnot be collected include batteries, tires, rocks, dirt, bricks, concrete, roofing shingles, oils, paint, antifreeze, dead animals and any other hazardous materials. Large amount of branches or trees will not be collected unless special monetary arrangements are made directly will VF Waste Service.


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