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V.F. Waste Services collects recycling once per week Wednesdays. Please use the recycle bin that has been provided to you for your recyclable materials. You may also use recycle bins that you have in your possession that have been kept from previous recycle providers. The bins must ready for pick up by 7:00 am and must be placed outside your unit by the garage door. The recyclable items must be placed inside the bins and must not overflow. VF Waste will provide 1 – 18 gallon recycle bin to households that have signed up for the recycling program. In addition, each household can add two more of their own containers for recycling similar to our bins. Each additional container may be no more than 20 gallons and must be made of plastic and must be clearly labeled with the word(s) “Recycle” for identification by VF employees. You can purchase an extra recycle bin from us or purchase your own at a hardware store or online. Thank you and we look forward to servicing your community. Any lost, stolen or damaged bins will be replaced at the homeowner’s expense. Bins damaged by VF employees will not be the responsibility of the resident(s).

Items accepted at this time:


  • (Please place in a separate paper bag, eliminates wind blowing it around, do not put in plastic bags) Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, annual reports
  • Clean pizza boxes, soda and beer boxes
  • Envelopes, junk mail, paper bags
  • White, colored and fax paper
  • Telephone books, paper egg cartons
  • Carbonless forms, tissue role cores
  • Shredded paper strips – (please tie tight in plastic bag)


  • (Please rinse and drain glass as much as possible before placing out for pick-up.)
  • We will accept household glass items purchased at the grocery store such as jars, glass bottles, wine bottles, glass beer bottles etc. We will accept the most common color such as clear, brown and green.
  • We will not accept window/door glass, glass plates, table glass or glass products used for placing cooked foods.


  • (Please breakdown larger boxes)
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes, cereal, food, detergent, pet food, etc.


  • (Please rinse out prior to placing in bin, food can contaminate recycling)
  • Soda, juice, and beer aluminum cans (if you crush them there’s more room in bin)
  • Tin/steel food & pet food cans
  • Aluminum foil, pie pans, and trays
  • Metal jar lids


  • (If you can crush these items there’s more room in bin) (Check for recycling seal #1- #7, please rinse and remove the lid – lid can go in bin)
  • Milk, juice and cooking oil jugs
  • Soda & water bottles
  • Dish, shampoo, lotions, soap bottles
  • Bleach & detergent containers
  • Household cleaning containers
  • Butter & ice cream tubs
  • Yogurt cups & microwave trays
  • Clean plastic flower pots
  • Orange prescription pill bottles (please double check recycle # on bottom and must wash out residue)


  • Grocery store bags, dry cleaning bags, produce bags, plastic sleeve from newspaper

Items not accepted at this time:

  • Styrofoam
  • Ceramic items or porcelain
  • Computer Parts
  • Batteries
  • Medical Waste or Biohazard

PAPER not accepted: Disposable diapers, food-encrusted pizza boxes, cereal box liners, food/seed bags, photographs, foil greeting cards, slick-coated frozen food boxes, tissue paper, foil gift wrap, hardback books, Tyvek envelopes, food contaminated paper plates, cups and napkins.

METALS not accepted: Paint and aerosol containers, pesticide & chemical containers, oil filters & batteries, syringes & needles.

PLASTICS not accepted: anti-freeze & motor oil containers, pesticide & chemical containers, plastics with no recycling symbol, toys, laundry baskets, and unsanitary containers.

Click Here to download the pdf list.

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