Posted by sutton on September 25, 2012

For the security of your guests and perception of the neighborhood, please remember to turn on your front and back porch lights.   Keeping our front and back porch lights on will help the security and perception of the neighborhood at night.   LIGHTING is one of the most INEXPENSIVE crime deterrents.

Keeping our back porch lights on (in most of our Perry homes the light switch is located inside the house, on the wall just before you exit from your house into your garage, just turn it on!!).

Porch Light

Perry Builders also put many of the Garage Lights on light sensitive switches (the small silver box with a square, below the light, in the picture) .  After years of weather exposure, these sensors can go bad.  You can pickup a replacement photocell sensor from Home Depot for a couple of bucks.

Home Depot Link to Replace your Photocell (something similar to this, you may want to take your photocell out and with you to make sure you buy the correct one!).

As always, if you’re working with electrical and not comfortable replacing this, call an electrician!


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