Posted by admin on February 9, 2017

Fact Sheet

Proposed Amendment for Sutton Square’s HOA

Wooden & Wrought Iron Fences

1. HOA maintains, repairs, replaces wrought iron fences for all homeowners with iron fences.

2. Individual Homeowners with wooden fences pay for their own repairs, maintenance, and replacement

3. HOA Maintenance Fees are the same for individuals with wooden fences and iron fences (we need to make it equitable).

4. Wooden Fences are 17+ years old and in dire need of replacement.

5. Wrought Iron Fences have been painted and repaired every 5 years since property was established in 1999.

6. Property Values are impacted by the aesthetics of our community (this includes wood and iron fences).

7. Ensure uniformity throughout our property with installation of same materials, and maintenance by HOA.

8. If Amendment passes, then replacement of wooden fences will be conducted in phases based on condition.

9. Currently securing multiple bids from contractors which range from $15-$29 per linear foot.

10. One quote for $153,000 includes building and installing 5269 linear feet of cedar fence, hauling off old fences (entire Sutton Square property).

11. There will not be an increase of Maintenance Fees for wood fences if Amendment passes.

12. We need a “YES” vote from 2/3rds of our 339 Homeowners.

13. A vote of “YES” on this Amendment will relieve homeowners with wood and partial wood fences of the responsibility of maintaining their own fences.

14. If you were unable to attend the October 2016 HOA Meeting when there was a presentation on the fences and you have questions, contact any Board Member or our Manager through KRJ Management.

If you have any questions, you can contact our Property Manager, Tina Miller at or 713-783-4640.


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